The new book of song lyrics by the lae Michael Harth is now available. Buy it via the Paradise Press website.

GAW Publications


The GAW Newsletter is circulated to members four times a year, containing:

  • Original contributions from members: short stories, extracts from novels in progress, articles and poems. Priority for inclusion is given to those members who cannot attend GAW meetings because of distance or disability. There is a maximum number of words for prose contributions; but with poetry we do not limit the number of lines, in the way that many magazines do.
  • A feedback space for readers to comment on the contributions.
  • News of GAW members: new members, initiatives in getting items published or winning a prize.
  • Updates on Paradise Press: books being considered for publication or about to be published.
  • Details (date, time and venue) of future promotional events, such as launches or readings.
  • Reports on promotional events in the previous three months.
  • Dates, times and venues of the next three GAW meetings.
  • Minutes of GAW meetings held in the previous three months.


Gazebo is GAW’s in-house magazine. The first issue, in 1999, was devoted to short stories. Since then poetry, extracts from novels, reviews (of books, films and theatre) and articles have also featured. There was a women’s short story issue (2001) and a poetry issue (2014). In format we are still A5 and stapled, but have gone from 34 pages to 44. We now aim to bring out two issues a year. Currently we are up to issue 19, December 2015.

A copy of Gazebo is sent to each GAW member. It is not for general distribution and does not have an ISBN. However extra copies are produced and can be purchased by contributors for £1.

All back copies of Gazebo are stored electronically and it is hoped the paper copies will soon be housed in the Bishopsgate Institute, along with other GAW and Paradise Press manuscripts and publications.